Apple Bluetooth keyboard pairs with Q1-U

Written by admin on March 31, 2008 – 8:24 pm -

I finally got my Apple bluetooth keyboard to work with my Samsung Q1-U! I had already given up, after reading so many threads on numerous UMPC forums that the Apple’s bluetooth keyboard won’t pair up with Widcomm’s BT stack. Not having work today I decided to give it another shot and googled ‘apple bluetooth keyboard widcomm’ and found a blog with instructions on how to pair the keyboard with the Q1. I was a skeptical and a had my reservations of having to tinker with the registry especially since I had just finished sorting out some issues with my bluetooth headset which had been giving me grief all morning. I still went ahead and followed the clearly written instructions, restarted my Q1 and it worked! I’m glad I didn’t purchase Logitech’s fugly bluetooth keyboard and mouse. 

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