Obtaining a South Korean Drivers License

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Personally I prefer driving myself to taking public transport. South Korea’s public transportation is probably at par with other developed nations but when we first arrived in Seoul, english was almost non-existent in the subways and buses. More often than not cab drivers are rude especially when the language barrier kicks in, I get especially irked when the driver says ‘Waaa’ in a very condescending tone when I politely ask to be driven somewhere. This is the reason why I prefer driving. 

The license conversion process is a relatively simple process, especially if you hold a United States, Japanese, the United Kingdom and a couple of other countries.

For Philippine license conversions you need to obtain a LTO certification for your license and have it notarized and stamped at the Korean Embassy in Manila. 

The remaining requirement are :

1. Passport
2. Alien Registration Card
3. Three (3) photos – 3 x 4 cm.
4. Application fees – approx W11,000 (USD 11.00)

Driver’s license conversions do not require a practical or written test but you do have to pass a physical exam.

A Korean license is now valid for ten years instead of the previous eight years. New licenses also reflect identical Alien Registration numbers and Drivers License number. Being accompanied by a person who can speak Korean will definitely be a big help.

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