The sound of jets and smell of jet fuel

Written by admin on October 13, 2008 – 3:19 pm -

While walking through Songtan near OSAN AB I couldn’t help but notice and electronic billboard that first displayed noise. I had to do a double take as these kinds of signs normally showed the air quality, current weather conditions or pollution index. Not this one though. This billboard displayed the current Noise Pollution and also Vibration Index that were caused the the constant military aircraft activity at Osan Airbase. 

I’m speculating that these may be factors as to why real estate prices, specifically rentals are way cheaper in Osan. For instance, I saw a four bedroom house that was being rented for less than USD 3,000 / month. That is relatively cheap considering that a house of this size is bound to cost over USD 10,000/month in the Seoul. Most of the shops and taxi drivers spoke a decent bit of english. 

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