Odusan 오두산 Unification Observatory

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I’ve been getting information about places to visit in South Korea from the numerous bloggers .  This time I’m going to give something back to the community and write about our visit to the Odusan Unification Observatory. 

Built in 1999 this facility was to commemorate the efforts in unifying North and South Korea. To this date the Korean War has not yet ended and is the only divided country in the world even after the end of the Cold War.

Getting there from Seoul is fairly easy, just get on the westbound Gangbyeon expressway and you won’t miss the signs as you get closer After parking the car at the Paju City public parking lot the kids and I  took a free shuttle bus to get to the observatory. There is an admission fee of W 2,500 for adults and W 1,700 for kids. Upon entering there are various exhibit halls and an A/V presentation in english describes the propaganda village to the north and it’s surrounding geography. Binoculars are available in two outdoor viewing decks that afford an excellent view of the area. Restaurants, souvenir shops and snack kiosks are available. 

I’ve always been fascinated about North Korea and have watched almost every documentary that’s been shown on the Discovery and NatGeo, and can’t believe that just across that river bank are people who are hungry, oppressed, and have been brainwashed into thinking that their ‘Dear Leader’ is looking after their best interests. 

The top half of the photo is the North Korean propaganda village, Kim Il-sung Historiacal Monument Hall, Primary School, People’s Cultural Assembly Hall and the Anti-South Media Propaganda Base while the bottom part shows the riverbank on the South Korean side. Take note of the heavily barbed fence which is guarded 24/7.

The expressway which runs alongside the riverbank is heavily fenced with barbed wire with watch towers every 1000 meters. 

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