Weighing In

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How many times have you wondered how much your check-in luggage weighs especially when your overseas with no weighing scale to be found? I’ve been in caught in that situation so many times and just had to get myself one of those portable luggage scales which I actually wrote about a few years back.

Nothing much to write about this gizmo which does nothing but weigh your luggage and give you that peace of mind that you won’t be paying those hefty overage fees that airlines charge.

Powered by two AA batteries this scale is a no brainer to operate, strap one end to your luggage handle, press the power button and select if you want the read out in pounds or kilos then lift the device until you hear a beep indicating that your luggage has been weighed.

Available at R.O.X. for PHP 1400. There were cheaper ones albeit the actual scale being smaller which I figured would be a tad difficult to lift and might break easily, I went for the beefier model.

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Meet and greet at Incheon Airport

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I’ve noticed that a lot of people stand in the crowded exits of Incheon International Airport waiting for their loved ones or passengers  up to emerge from customs clearance. 

I  on the other hand set a pre-arranged meeting place for my family or people I pick up at the airport. I have a number of photos of restaurants and shops at the airport. I then email a photo of where we are going to meet with directions how to get there. 

For example passengers from Manila often exit from Exit B , so I tell them to turn left after exiting and look for Ministop and I will be sitting at the benches in front of it. I also attached a photo in the email which makes it easier especially for passengers who are not familiar with the airport.



If you don’t like the idea of just sitting at the benches then the photos below are alternative meeting places.  

One of my favorites is meeting at Kraze Burger close to Exit D. If you bring your laptop, free WIFI is available to make your wait pretty much painless.


And there’s also Baskin Robins close to Exit E


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Weighing in

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With more and more airlines getting strict with the weight of check-in luggage, we’re always wondering wether our luggage is within the 20 kgs. limit of most airlines. I like most other travellers use a household bathroom scale to give me the peace of mind that we won’t be charged excess baggage fees, but what about those times that we can’t find a scale? The days of guessing are over… I found this portable luggage scale purely out of accident while surfing. They come in various shapes, prices and probably with some being more accurate than others. I like the one pictured below and its available for CDN $ 30 at this site. If you don’t fancy that just google ‘Portable Luggage Scale’ and you should be able to find one to your liking that fits your budget.



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Gone fishing… or should I say diving.

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My number of posts have gone down significantly during the past few months primarily due to work related reasons and on the 21st of December I left Seoul on a cold Sunday morning to head for the Philippines to spend the holidays there. The highlight of my trip was spent with my family in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Philippines. 

Links :

Marina De Bay

Island Divers

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Google Maps Korea

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Google has recently announced that a localized version of Google Maps will be available in Korea soon. Previously Google maps has only showed satellite photos of Korea but turn-by-turn street directions, detailed street maps, business and residentials addresses were not available. For me this is significant news because it also might be a factor in the long awaited release of Apple’s iPhone in South Korea. Google and other popular portals such as Friendster, MySpace, Facebook have not been very successful at penetrating the Korean market. Its is my hope that Google being a foreign based company is also sensitive to the english community in Korea and thus create a bi-lingual version. More info from the Korea Times article can be found here.


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