Comfy Kicks

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Before coming to India I wanted to get a new pair of kicks, something that I would have to worry about keeping clean all the time. I also wanted one that was militarily inspired as I have to let go airsofting.

I had my eyes set on Merrell’s Sawtooth hiking boot. After trying it on, my better half didn’t like it, she said it made my legs look really thin especially when wearing shorts. The deal breaker was it wasn’t waterproof.

The sales associate then whipped out a pair of Merrell Chameleon II Stretch hiking shoes. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but I did like that shape of the shoe.

I tried it on, and it fit like a glove. No laces to worry about with this shoe as its got a self locking cinch. The shoe was breathable and waterproof at the same time thanks to its gore-tex lining. The vibram sole had a pretty good grip but I’d be a bit careful when the surface your treading on is wet.

I’ve been using it for over a month now and its fully worn in and it feels great. Great for the the dusty roads in India. We’ll have to wait for the next monsoon season before I can field test this shoe in wet weather conditions.


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Lotte World Shooting Range

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I’ve been playing with replica guns for sometime now but I have never had the opportunity to fire a real gun up until yesterday. A work related errand found myself in Lotte World where I remembered my colleague telling me about a firing range. The abundant signage made it effortless to find the Lotte World Shooting Range near the Ice Skating Rink ticket booth.

Upon entering, I was greeted by the friendly staff who all spoke english. I was given a choice of firing a .38 revolver, 9mm Beretta or a .45 HK USP. I chose the HK USP because I wanted to experience what the recoil of a .45 caliber pistol would be like. 

After presenting my Alien Registration Card and paying the W 30,000 fee which would give me 10 rounds. I was led into a room where I donned a bulletproof vest which was for safety reasons.

In the actual range, I was given a brief introduction to my weapon of choice then a few instructions on how to line up the sight with my target, proper weapon handling and firing the weapon. I was supervised at all times by the staff and the weapon was secured to the booth by bungee cords on both side to probably prevent anyone from running off with the weapon, although I felt that this did not restrict the movement in any way.

I managed to score 86% on my target sheet landing one round smack in the center. All in all it was good fun and comes highly recommended if you want to release some stress.


To get there via subway take line 2 and exit at Jamsil Stn.

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Survival Games

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Survival Games as its known in South Korea A.K.A Airsoft Games is a sport / hobby that’s been around for almost 20 years. I’ve been playing on and off since the early 90′s in the Philippines. Airsoft is very similar to paintball except that the guns fire 6mm plastic BB’s and hits are based on the honesty system where you call out when you get hit and leave the game. You may be wondering, Does it hurt? well it depends on the power(muzzle velocity) of the guns but teams in Korea generally have a 300 fps (feet per second) limit which feels like a pinch when you get hit from a distance of about 10 meters. Face and eye protection is mandatory for obvious reasons. Uniforms are fairly cheap as most people buy used items from the surplus stores at Namdaemun and Dongdaemun, a full set consisting of camo’s (shirt and pants) can be had for about 8,000 won – 15,000 won. Like everything else in Korea the guns can be quite expensive especially if you compare them to HK, USA or even Philippine prices. Chinese and Hongkong made guns costs around 230,000 won – 500,000 won, while the Japanese branded ones are upwards from 450,000 won.

It was when I first arrived in South Korea where I had a really difficult time finding a team to play since the teams here are somewhat formed differently, mostly people working in the same office would set up a team and more often than not did not readily accept acquaintances to just drop in and join their team. 

This year a group of foreigners comprised of folks from Canada, U.S., Australia and the Philippines set up what can probably be considered the first foreign airsoft team in the ROK. The team is called Airsoft Korea – Ghosts and the biggest difference from the local teams is that guests are encouraged to attend and eventually join the team, in fact even if you don’t have the gear just yet and would like to try out the sport, loaner guns are available. The only rule is that if you break it, you pay for it. 

The team had its first ever inter-team match versus the Incheon based Team Zero. The games were a success and people had loads of fun and we all met new friends. 

Airsoft Korea – Ghosts currently has four Filipino team members. So if you you want to try out a new off the beaten path kinda sport, meet new friends and have a really good workout. Visit the site listed below and participate in the forums and drop in anytime during the regular Sunday games.


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