iPod Touch Google Maps app

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The iPod touch has a default application or app called Maps. I’ve always considered this application a novelty for us who live outside North America, Europe or even Australia as no street level data or maps were provided with it. Google by the way is the company that provides the data for this app and since there is no data provided one could only use the satellite view which could not be used for navigation.

I posted an article some time ago about Google being aggressive in the Korean market by developing their maps in Korea. Well it seems like that seems to be bearing some fruit now, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, try firing up the Maps app and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that one can now perform some rudimentary form of navigation.

I tried this by entering locating myself on the map, since the iPod touch does not have any sort of GPS as the iPhone, it locates itself via WiFi using Skyhoook. The results have been fairly accurate and Skyhook has pinpointed my location all the time. A neat surprise is that Google or some third party developer has integrated the Seoul Metropolitan Bus routes into the app and you can now see what bus numbers are available to get to particular place including time intervals and an estimate of how low it will take to get there. Pretty neat eh!


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Bicycles and Trains

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The Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Metro and SMRT is studying the possibility of having bicycle-only carriages in the subway trains as early as October this year.

Initially the service will be available only during Sunday and Holiday (excluding Saturdays) and will have a total of sixteen trains (two from each line) with future plans of having daily service starting April 2010.

If confirmed, the subway stations will have to be retrofitted with lifts to bring the bikes to the platform. This is part of the governments effort to reduce emissions and promote a healthy lifestyle. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has already embarked on improving the bicycle paths along the Han River among others. Future plans include designating bicycle lanes and introducing a new form of cyclist insurance.

Below is a photo of a cyclist in the U.S.

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Sony Xperia at SKT

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I spotted the Sony Xperia at a local SKT shop today while accompanying a colleague. Seemed like a very nice unit. The Xperia X1 runs Windows Mobile 6, unfortunately the language cannot be changed unless you flash the ROMs. A task that isn’t easy although there are a  lot of resources on the net should you be willing to try it on this W800,000 gadget. I’m assuming that  the features on this phone are similar to most Windows Mobile devices such as Samsungs T-Omnia. I like the X1 because of its physical keyboard which I’ve been used to, especially for text messaging and IM. Frankly speaking I’m starting to look at these phones because I’m getting tired of waiting for South Korean release of Apple’s iPhone.  If only the price tag weren’t so steep.


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Ghosts at the 2009 Seoul Information Fair

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The Ghosts Airsoft Team will have a booth this coming Sunday 10th of May.

We will have airsoft weapons on display, video’s of past games and information on how to get started on the sport. Take subway line number 1 or 2 to City Hall station and go to exit number 4.


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Meet and greet at Incheon Airport

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I’ve noticed that a lot of people stand in the crowded exits of Incheon International Airport waiting for their loved ones or passengers  up to emerge from customs clearance. 

I  on the other hand set a pre-arranged meeting place for my family or people I pick up at the airport. I have a number of photos of restaurants and shops at the airport. I then email a photo of where we are going to meet with directions how to get there. 

For example passengers from Manila often exit from Exit B , so I tell them to turn left after exiting and look for Ministop and I will be sitting at the benches in front of it. I also attached a photo in the email which makes it easier especially for passengers who are not familiar with the airport.



If you don’t like the idea of just sitting at the benches then the photos below are alternative meeting places.  

One of my favorites is meeting at Kraze Burger close to Exit D. If you bring your laptop, free WIFI is available to make your wait pretty much painless.


And there’s also Baskin Robins close to Exit E


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