Places to grab some grub in Bandra – Basilico

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When I first arrived in Mumbai after being gone for 3 years I dreaded the thought of being on pizza and subway sandwiches for at least the next six months of my contract here. Until I stumbled upon Basilico Restaurant which is on Pali Naka Road in Bandra West. I was surprised to find out that they menu offering had steaks, fish, and beef burgers. Don’t forget to try the Chef Mezze Platter which consists of yoghurt and feta garlic, tahina basil hummus, falafel stick served with home made lavoche, grissini and grilled focaccia. Also try the Teriyaki Beef Steak, don’t forget to tell the waiter not to put chili or else you might be in for a surprise if you’re expecting the usual sweet teriyaki sauce. Finally I would recommend the Croissant Beef Steak sandwich and the Philadelphia Cheesecake for dessert.

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My impression of Joby’s Gorillapod

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I eventually went for Panasonic’s Lumix LX3 as a replacement for my point and shoot. I was thinking of writing about it but decided not to since there are a million reviews out there on it already. What I needed was a tripod to allow me to take self portraits then I remembered seeing a small jointed tripod which I didn’t pay too much attention too 3 years ago.

What I’m referring to is Joby’s Gorillapod which frankly speaking I thought of as a really ugly looking tripod when I first saw it. I learned that a colleague of mine actually had one so I borrowed it just to try it out for a couple of days. I immediately fell in love with it because I could actually take photos from angles that would have been impossible to take with a traditional tripod. A big plus is its size, lets face it how many of us actually have a tripod handy when you need it?

Well the Gorillapod is light enough to keep in your backpack for those times when you need it. Also has a quick release head which is really handy so you don’t have to screw your camera on every time.

UPDATE : The Gorillapod now comes with a magnetic feet model.

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iPhone 3G finally lands in South Korea

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South Koreans finally get their grubby little hands on Apple’s iPhone, after months of waiting and speculating the iPhone has had a fairly successful launch in The ROK.

I wonder if the fanfare will last though, I suppose someone has to localize it heavily such as CyWorld apps (Korean version of facebook) and have some sort of device that could use the dock connector to allow DMB. DMB or Digital Mobile Broadcasting allows South Koreans to watch TV on their mobiles, GPS navigators and computers. Also curious as to what data plans KT has to offer for the iPhone.

Historically, the smartphone market has not taken off in Korea as in other countries, most of the so called advances in mobile technology as far as South Korea is concerned relates to camera resolution, video and mobile television.

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Visa trauma in the Philippines

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Yet again I have to go through the tedious process of acquiring a new visa evertime I change employers.

The most convenient way would have been to get one while I was still in Seoul. Unfortunately for some bizarre reason the Indian Embassy in Seoul only accepts employment visa applications for Korean nationals. This left me with no other option but to get one from the Philippines.

The Indian Embassy is located inside Dasmariñas Village in Makati. The last time I was there was in 2006 and encountered no real difficulties aside from the fact that it took close to three weeks to process everything.

This time was different altogether, most of the requirements for getting a visa are listed on their website but there was no mention that vehicles will not be allowed entry into Dasmariñas Village. One has to take a shuttle and pay PHP150 on top of that. The problem is that it is assumed that the Dasmariñas Village Association (DVA) does not take into account that people applying will be taking their vehicles and therefore they don’t have any parking area, you’re on your own here.

I’m no prima donna and I don’t have a problem paying fees or following rules that are in place as long as they are efficient. I have a problem when I learn that foreigners are exempted from all this crap, they don’t have to take the shuttle, don’t have to pay. Why is it like this? Why do foreigners get special treatment in my own country. I have yet to see this happen in foreign countries, most of the time, other countries give preferential treatment to their citizens over foreigners, most especially in South Korea from which I had just come from.

And that’s not the end of the story, the PHP150 fee I later learned is for every entry you make, which meant you had to pay when you pick up your passport again. Geez can you fleece your fellow countryman any more than this??? I guess the Dasmariñas Village Association believes that these people will soon be earning dollars anyway.

Whatever it the reasons are, getting visa for most countries in the Philippines will always be a traumatic experience for me.

Indian Embassy Website

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Annyong-hi kyeshipshio Seoul

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Yet again my blog remains fairly quite. Truth is I was busy packing all my things in preparation for my departure from Seoul. I leave Korea with mixed feelings, just like any other place there are things that I will miss such as high speed internet, food, my friends, the four seasons and high speed internet, oh I did mention that earlier did I? There are also things that I won’t miss like the office being part of your extended family to the point that it suffocates you.

Anyway, time to move on to better things and what better way to celebrate it than getting an iPhone 3GS. That’s one thing I won’t have to be holding my breath for… enough to tinker with and keep me busy over the next few weeks.

Where the winds blow my sorry ass only one can guess but stay tuned.

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