Weighing In

Written by admin on July 30, 2010 – 7:11 pm -

How many times have you wondered how much your check-in luggage weighs especially when your overseas with no weighing scale to be found? I’ve been in caught in that situation so many times and just had to get myself one of those portable luggage scales which I actually wrote about a few years back.

Nothing much to write about this gizmo which does nothing but weigh your luggage and give you that peace of mind that you won’t be paying those hefty overage fees that airlines charge.

Powered by two AA batteries this scale is a no brainer to operate, strap one end to your luggage handle, press the power button and select if you want the read out in pounds or kilos then lift the device until you hear a beep indicating that your luggage has been weighed.

Available at R.O.X. for PHP 1400. There were cheaper ones albeit the actual scale being smaller which I figured would be a tad difficult to lift and might break easily, I went for the beefier model.

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