How Vodafone India never ceases to annoy

Written by admin on December 2, 2009 – 6:38 pm -

Not part of my regular posts but I just couldn’t resist. If you read my previous post regarding Vodafone India’s horrible customer support, I’m very sarcastically happy to tell you that when it comes to paying your bill Vodafone India is very much in touch from continuos reminders via SMS to customer service reps calling you reminding you of the upcoming due date.

If they only put as much effort in getting touch with you during times that you actually need help.

If you’re planning on calling 111 or 98200 98200 to talk to a help desk person forget it, save youself the time and trouble as their system will constantly loop you back to the main menu when you select the option of speaking to a support rep.

Quick update : My GPRS EDGE connection is finally up, well after a week and half of calls.

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  1. By tejas on Feb 2, 2010 | Reply

    I was looking around for how to deal with lousy Vodafone customer support and stumbled on this website…I share your pain. The things I would rather do than talk to another Vodafone employee include sawing my arm off with a butter knife or dissolving myself in Acid. Vodafone employees cause far more pain and suffering!

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