Honesty is the best policy

Written by admin on November 4, 2009 – 5:20 pm -

I just had to share this story about my first week in Mumbai. Let’s face it, I’m not exactly living in one of the nicest cities. It’s noisy, dusty, hot and humid but one thing I have to say is that the people here are one of the friendliest and warmest people on the planet, not to mention honest. I know that some will scoff at what I just said. Well it’s true and here goes my story.

During my first week I didn’t have a washing machine at the company guest house so I had bring my clothes to the cleaners to be washed and pressed. When I went back to get them 2 days later. The shop keeper handed over Rs 350 telling me that I had left it in my pocket. Although it isn’t much by first world standards, it was decent of him to return it to me.

It didn’t end there, a few weeks later I had to purchase an item at the nearby market place. I tell you this place is chaotic, lots of autorickshaws and people. As I pulled out my wallet to pay, little did I know that another crumpled bunch of bills had fallen out of my pocket to the street. The person next to me tapped my shoulder and pointed to the cash that had fallen out of my pocket.

In my book that’s got to be honesty at play because if the same incident had happened in downtown Los Angeles, I doubt that someone would actually tell me. It’s a good feeling that no matter how hot, dirty and humid here the folks here are top notch.

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