Sony Xperia at SKT

Written by admin on May 21, 2009 – 3:24 pm -

I spotted the Sony Xperia at a local SKT shop today while accompanying a colleague. Seemed like a very nice unit. The Xperia X1 runs Windows Mobile 6, unfortunately the language cannot be changed unless you flash the ROMs. A task that isn’t easy although there are a  lot of resources on the net should you be willing to try it on this W800,000 gadget. I’m assuming that  the features on this phone are similar to most Windows Mobile devices such as Samsungs T-Omnia. I like the X1 because of its physical keyboard which I’ve been used to, especially for text messaging and IM. Frankly speaking I’m starting to look at these phones because I’m getting tired of waiting for South Korean release of Apple’s iPhone.  If only the price tag weren’t so steep.


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