Lotte World Shooting Range

Written by admin on April 30, 2009 – 12:06 pm -

I’ve been playing with replica guns for sometime now but I have never had the opportunity to fire a real gun up until yesterday. A work related errand found myself in Lotte World where I remembered my colleague telling me about a firing range. The abundant signage made it effortless to find the Lotte World Shooting Range near the Ice Skating Rink ticket booth.

Upon entering, I was greeted by the friendly staff who all spoke english. I was given a choice of firing a .38 revolver, 9mm Beretta or a .45 HK USP. I chose the HK USP because I wanted to experience what the recoil of a .45 caliber pistol would be like. 

After presenting my Alien Registration Card and paying the W 30,000 fee which would give me 10 rounds. I was led into a room where I donned a bulletproof vest which was for safety reasons.

In the actual range, I was given a brief introduction to my weapon of choice then a few instructions on how to line up the sight with my target, proper weapon handling and firing the weapon. I was supervised at all times by the staff and the weapon was secured to the booth by bungee cords on both side to probably prevent anyone from running off with the weapon, although I felt that this did not restrict the movement in any way.

I managed to score 86% on my target sheet landing one round smack in the center. All in all it was good fun and comes highly recommended if you want to release some stress.


To get there via subway take line 2 and exit at Jamsil Stn.

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Nokia’s back!

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With WIPI abolished in South Korea, mobile phone maker Nokia is back albeit with a disappointing launch model.

A few weeks earlier the second largest mobile service provider KTF announced that it would soon be selling the Nokia 6210 (a.k.a. Navigator). This isn’t a new model by any standards and has been around for about two years now. With domestic models offering more features such as hi-res cameras it baffles me as to why Nokia chose this model instead of their flagship N-series or business oriented E-series. I don’t expect the locals nor expats to go gaga over this especially since most domestic offerings from Samsung, LG, CYON and Motorola all offer english menus. The only models that don’t offer english are the smartphones such as Samsung’s Omnia which is powered by Windows Mobile 6. 


More info on the Nokia 6210 here.

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