Airsoft Revisited

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Its been over a year now that I’ve been regularly playing airsoft in Korea. And we’re slowly growing in numbers. We started off with 6 players and we’re now up to 14 regular players from different countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines and United States). It’s no surprise that the Filipinos outnumber all other nationalities in our team since airsoft is a very popular sport in the Philippines.

Here are a few pics from our recent game.


We now have five regular Filipino players, if you live in Seoul and are interested in giving this sport a try don’t hesitate to send me a message, we have loaner guns and eye protection available for you, all you have to do is attend. If you haven’t tried it before there’s nothing to worry about, we take safety very seriously and we’re an easy going group, nothing too hardcore.

To get an idea of what goes on in a typical game take a look at the video.

For more info visit our homepage at and feel free to join the discussion.

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Don’t throw your VCR away

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Just a break from all the regular stuff I’ve been posting.

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Small talk

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Apple quietly released a new iPod Shuffle yesterday. The new Shuffle does not have any buttons on it except  for a switch on the top for hold / shuffle mode / straight play mode. The volume and navigational controls are now in the located on the right headphone cord. The new Shuffle features Voice Over, with a press of a button it tells you what song is playing and who is performing. Another first is that the new Shuffle allows you to have playlists as well just like other iPod models.


Why bother with an iPod when there are a gazzillion mp3 players out there which are probably cheaper? The reason which many fail to realize is iTunes. iTunes and the iTunes Music store is the central core of the iPod, without it the iPod would just be another piece of hard to use hardware that only computer geeks would use. The iTunes software allows you to transfer your existing CD’s to your computer, organize your music, create playlists, buy music, videos and movies. And also access a whole lot of free information in form of Podcasts which incidentally are free with topics ranging from religion to various hobbies and sync them to your iPod.

My personal favorite is a Podcast by the Kimchi girls, they produce a podcast which teaches the Korean language in a fun way unlike most boring language programs. I simply subscribe to the podcast and iTunes regularly downloads new episodes as they become available and automatically syncs it to my iPod whenever I connect my iPod to my lappy. Just one of the many reasons an iPod is not only a music player.

The iPod is not perfect and one thing I don’t like with this new Shuffle is that my choices in third party earbuds are limited since the controls reside on the earbuds themselves. Being a person who likes a lot of bass, Apple’s earbuds leave a lot to be desired in that department. However it would be interesting to find out if the dozens of iPhone earbuds out there will work with this new Shuffle. Although the shuffle has never appealed to me, I’m sure it will to other consumers out there especially for those who want a no frills mp3 player no bigger than your house key.

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Facebook’s server farm

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A lot of my long lost friends have found me through Facebook. I’ve never been a huge fan of social networking sites like Friendster, MySpace or Multiply simply because I always thought of them to be something that only my kids would be interested in. Facebook has somehow gotten my attention because it allows you to have multiple levels of privacy and chose what information is made public. I mainly used it to keep track of all my contacts both work and personal.

I have connected to  over 300 friends from my old work buddies to long lost  elementary classmates and it made me wonder what kind of hardware is behind a Facebook. I googled and found this photo which is probably just a small portion of the Facebook server farm. Can’t imagine everyone’s info just sitting in one of those computers.

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Mac Mini Update

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Its been a while since Apple has updated its entry level Mac called the Mac Mini. The update sees a faster processor, faster graphics chip and a larger capacity hard drive.


Macs are often characterized as a computer that most people want but are put off by its cost. Consumers usually make the mistake of comparing a Mac with a generic PC which of course is cheaper even by PC standards, even worse they usually compare a low or mid range desktop or laptop with a high end Mac such as the Power Mac (desktop) or Macbook Pro (laptop).

Back to Mac Mini, it is the cheapest Mac and is often overlooked by the consumer. The cheapest model costs KWN 950,000 (USD 615) and sports a 2Ghz Intel Dual Core, 1 GB DDR RAM, 120GB HD, and a DVD drive. The Mac mini does not include a keyboard, mouse or display since its target market are PC users who are assumed to have those devices already.

Also the Mac Mini is capable of running Windows XP or Vista via Bootcamp or Parallels which basically gives you two computers for the price of one. If you’re not a power user and mainly need a computer for everyday surfing, watching videos and daily computing, I would put my money on it.

** Also updated were the iMac and Power Mac models.

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