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Written by admin on January 29, 2009 – 3:18 pm -

Ever been frustrated by not knowing the title or artist of a song? Some of the songs that I like are mixed into a compilation and its very difficult to find the artist or title of the song, especially most the songs I listen to are house, dance and r&b. Theres this song that I have in one of my mixes that I’ve been trying to track down. I normally Google excerpts of the lyrics and normally have a 70 percent success rate in finding the artist or title of a song. I do have a particular song that I like that has been proven to be really elusive even for Google. Well  until I found Shazam. 


Shazam is an iPhone / iPod touch application that will allow you to record a 30 sec clip from a song. It then sends it over the internet via Wifi or 3G data to crosscheck its database. Within a  minute or two it will suggest a possible artists and titles.

I have to be honest that I was skeptical at first but much to my amazement it was able to identify the song, together with links to the iTunes Music Store and YouTube. Bloody fantastic piece of software if you ask me… no more embarrassing moments of trying to sing a few lines of your favorite song at your local CD shop. 

Before I forget, although this amazing app runs on the iPod Touch 2G, you will need to purchase a headphone / mic from your favorite Apple dealer since the iPod does not have a built-in mic like the iPhone does. Did I forget to mention that this app is free! Nothing better than that!

Other mobile phones and platforms are also supported. Check it out here.

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