Take to the skies in your iPod touch or iPhone

Written by admin on October 6, 2008 – 10:45 pm -

I’ve been an aviation buff ever since I can remember and you can just imagine my delight when Austin Myer of X-Plane fame published X-Plane for the iPod Touch / iPhone.

X-Plane on the Mac is a very realistic flight simulation package that delivers on both stunning graphics and realistic flight dynamics. The only drawback compared to the more popular Microsoft Flight Simulator is the lack of third party developers.

The iPod / iPhone version really amazed me as the frame rates were very smooth for such a cpu and graphics intensive program. The controls are very simple since X-Plane makes good use of the iPod Touch / iPhone accelerometers. 

The program is available from the iTunes App Store for USD 9.95. Samsung Haptic eat your heart out!


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