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Meals Ready To Eat or otherwise known as combat rations is a complete meal in a bag. I bought a couple of these for my airsoft games as we normally conduct our games in places that aren’t easily accessible and bringing your own food is a must. They are available in a multitude of choices such as turkey breast, chili and macaroni, meatloaf, etc. for the main course and also include dessert, a slice of bread, and a packet of hot cocoa mix.

To use it, open the bag, look for the flameless heater and fill it with water up to the prescribed line. Put the main course and whatever you want to heat in the heater’s pack. In approximately 10 mins you’ll be enjoying a piping hot meal. It’s convenient and cheap. They are available in Seoul (Dongdaemun) for Won 4,000.  

You don’t have to be playing airsoft to be able to use these meals, at these prices I’d keep them in my car or in your bomb shelter just in case World War III breaks out.

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