Airshow at Osan Airbase

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Airpower Day 2008 hosted by the USAF 51st Fighter Wing and the ROK Armed Forces will be held at Osan Airbase, Republic of Korea on the 11-12 of October 2008.

Foreign nationals should bring their passports as part of the requirements for entry.

You can save yourself the trouble of trying to get in if you’re a national of the People’s Republic of China, DPRK (North Korea), Russian Federation, or Iran as you will not be permitted to enter.

For more details and requirements for entry check out the official webpage. [HERE]

If you love the smell of jet fuel in the morning then I guess I’ll see you there. Don’t forget to bring that camera.

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Still and Motion Convergence

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Ever find yourself on holiday with photography and video gear enough to weigh you down like a soldier in Afghanistan? Shooting Standard Definition (SD) video on point and shoot cameras has been available for quite a while now. The video quality on the point and shoots are decent enough to match those consumer video camera’s but the still images leave a lot to be desired comapred to DSLR’s. 

Nikon has recently released the D90. It features all the standard things that one would expect from a DSLR but the thing that does it for me is the capability to record High Definition (HD 720p) video as well. How much is that going to set you back you say? surprisingly not too much as the D90′s suggested retail price of USD995 is way cheaper than my very first DSLR (Nikon D100). 

Not to be outdone, rival Canon released the 5D which boasts a whopping 21MP on its full size CMOS sensor and would you believe, Full HD 1920×1080 video! The catch? Well, the 5D costs three times as much, with a USD 2,800 MSRP. 

Whatever your choice, the bottomline is you can ditch that video camera on your next holiday to Bora Bora. 


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Meals Ready To Eat or otherwise known as combat rations is a complete meal in a bag. I bought a couple of these for my airsoft games as we normally conduct our games in places that aren’t easily accessible and bringing your own food is a must. They are available in a multitude of choices such as turkey breast, chili and macaroni, meatloaf, etc. for the main course and also include dessert, a slice of bread, and a packet of hot cocoa mix.

To use it, open the bag, look for the flameless heater and fill it with water up to the prescribed line. Put the main course and whatever you want to heat in the heater’s pack. In approximately 10 mins you’ll be enjoying a piping hot meal. It’s convenient and cheap. They are available in Seoul (Dongdaemun) for Won 4,000.  

You don’t have to be playing airsoft to be able to use these meals, at these prices I’d keep them in my car or in your bomb shelter just in case World War III breaks out.

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Silence! I Keel You!

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I have to admit I haven’t had the time to post new stuff but this one is sure to make up for all the lost time. Check it out and have a blast, this one will surely lift you up especially if you’re down.

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