Parking violators beware!

Written by admin on August 11, 2008 – 8:54 am -

If you find youself driving in Kangnam-gu better think again before you park illegally. There are dozens of these mobile CCTV vehicles that prowl the streets for parking violators. Once you get caught on camera it would be pretty difficult denying it.

I believe this is a better way of enforcing illlegal parking and other traffic violations. In the U.S, and most other countries, a parking enforcement officer usually is on a small vehicle and has to exit and write a ticket to be placed on the offending vehicle, which incidentally was how it was done in Seoul before. The problem with this is that an argument usually ensued if the owner of the vehicle saw his / her vehicle being ticketed. With this system the enforcer merely has to point the camera at the offending vehicle and take a photo or video. I’ve seen these vehicles catching offenders even from across the street. If the Philippines had funds for this kind of setup, it would prove to be a good deterrent at bribery.

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