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It’s been a while since I last posted something, this has been mainly due to work related reasons. I had a little break in my work schedule yesterday so I decided to hop on the subway and make a beeline for Technomart Sindorim to purchase an airsoft rifle. I had recently joined a group of airsoft enthusiasts based in Anyang, most of them are American and Canadian, but there are a number of Filipinos too which is great. 

Airsoft or ‘Survival games’ as it’s called here on the peninsula, is a game where you shoot a gun that fires plastic BB rounds. The game is based on the honor system and calls on a players honesty to admit when they have been hit and remove themselves from the playing field. The sport is also quite popular in the Philippines.

I’ll be having my first game with the team this weekend, weather permitting.

Below is a photo rifle that I purchased. Its a Western Arms M4 rifle similar to what is issued to the U.S. Special Forces.

For all intents and purposes it feels like a real gun and works like a real gun with the exception that it fires plastic bb’s. 

The team is called Ghosts Airsoft and is probably the only foreign team in the ROK. Anyone is welcome to  attend the games held every Sunday. If you don’t have a gun don’t fret as there are loaner guns available most of the time. Interested? check out the club homepage here.


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