Information Superhighway at 35,000 ft

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In most computer related diagrams the internet is often referred to as the cloud and this couldn’t be more true with the launch of Gogo.  Gone are the days when a 14 hour transpacific flight was as fun as a trip to the dentist to have a root canal. These days even cattle class passengers have all the tools to entertain themselves, from video games for the kids to keep them from asking ‘are we there yet?’ to the latest feature blockbusters at their fingertips. Now internet junkies no longer have to put off their need to be online as Gogo launches an internet service for passengers on American Airlines and Virgin America. This isn’t a new thing as a company called Connexion launched a similar service between 2005-2006 albeit was not successful. My guess is that it was too expensive to maintain as Connexion used satellites for connectivity whereas Gogo employs ground based stations in the continental United States. For the rest of us living elsewhere I guess we can forget about shopping online at 35,000 ft for now as most of transpacific and regional flights have to cross vast bodies of water.

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Is it safe in Seoul?

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I would have to say that Seoul is one of the safest cities to travel or live in.  So safe in fact that my kids go to the mall with their friends without any adult supervision as early as eleven years old, something that I wouldn’t let them do in Los Angeles.

One of the reasons could be that the city is practically blanketed in both private and goverment CCTV’s (Closed Circuit Television). I’m pretty sure that the cops won’t drop down on you the instant a thief is spotted but more importantly it serves as a deterrent to a would be criminal as there would now be evidence to aid the authorities in apprehending him or her.

The other reasons could be because of the constant patrols of cops through the city streets and more importantly because you can’t own a gun. Heck even the police only carry at .22 cal, a gun thats probably got as much stopping power as a BB gun. I can recall asking my colleagues if bank robberies occur in South Korea and he said rarely. I just thought to myself that it wasn’t because of all the CCTV’s but probably because you would have to cart off a whole truck load of cash to make it worthwhile.

So the next time you’re in Seoul always remember that Big Brother is watching!




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