Spam me!

Written by admin on June 24, 2008 – 9:39 pm -

I have a SPAM TVCF to color tommorow and I was looking at YouTube to find some color references and I stumbled on this hilarious homemade SPAM CF with a pinoy twist.

I liked the seaweed and kimchi (wasn’t really kimchi) touch at the end. 


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Blog Readability Test

Written by admin on June 24, 2008 – 3:19 pm -

I got tagged so here it is, my blog readability test results.

Not so sure if those results reflect a good thing though? 

***** Start Copy Here *****

1. Take the Readability Test for your blog(s) here.
2. Paste the result on your site.
3. Copy and paste this tag on your blog (make sure to include the links).
4. Add your link to this tag.
5. Tag as many friends / readers / victims as you want!

1. Read my Mind 2. joanjoyce 3. Buhay sa Korea 4. Apt 1014 5. Seoul Buffoon 6. Add your link here…

***** End Copy here *****

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