Irresponsible driver…

Written by admin on May 28, 2008 – 11:06 am -

I was just surfing YouTube trying to find videos of Pinoys living in Seoul when I chanced upon this video of a Pinoy wannabe streetracer recklessly driving on the westbound 88 (Olympic Expressway). Fortunately the driver did not get into any accident. I just feel that we should be a little bit more responsible when we are overseas as our actions affect how we are seen as a nation by our host country.

If an accident did happen then I’m sure the local newspapers would probably read ‘Filipino driver driving recklessly injures family on the Olympic Expressway’, that would probably result in future Filipino expats having a more difficult time in obtaining a drivers license in South Korea. The vehicle may not have been traveling fast but weaving in and out of the lanes is still a reckless thing to do if you ask me.

Filipino’s have some pretty good traits such as being hard workers, generous and loyal, lets try not to add more some of the bad stereotypes we already have.

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