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Written by admin on May 8, 2008 – 11:50 pm -

I needed an HD video jukebox to send to my family, being an Apple fan the obvious choice for me would be an Apple TV right? Not really, most of my video files are dvix, xvid, avi and more recently mkv files. These codecs are not supported by the Apple TV which meant another extra step by converting them, something I wasn’t willing to do. 

After having a look at the dozens of jukeboxes out there I went for the TVIX 6510A, in hindsight I should have gone for the 6500 since I was going to eventually send this unit to the Philippines. The only difference between the two is that the 6510A includes an HDTV tuner and since there are no stations or CATV that broadcasts HD in the Philippines the option was an unnecessary expense. The unit does not include a hard drive so I had to purchase a 500GB hard drive separately. The hard drive is very easy to install but the sales associate was kind enough to install it for me.


Physical connections are fairly simple if you connect it via HDMI. HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is a digital connection that carries both video and audio. The photo below shows the power, ethernet, and HDMI. The ethernet connection allows you to transfer video, audio, and photos to the unit. Other connections include component, composite, and S-Video. There are also USB ports to connect external hard drives and plug it into a PC for direct file transfers.


After setting up the network connection and video settings, I transferred a 1080p HD file ‘I am Legend’ from my laptop to test the playback. The photo below shows the unit temporarily connected to my home setup here in Seoul.



 What do I think about this unit? Video quality is top notch, especially when viewing 1080p or 720p HD files. Physically plugging the unit is fairly straight forward but setting up the network and video settings were a bit difficult even for a gadget freak like myself. The playback interface is fairly easy to use. Click here for the company’s website.

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