Leah Dizon

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I was browsing at a CD shop today and a CD entitled Leah Dizon caught my eye, it was in the J-Pop section so the first thing that popped into my mind was that she might be a Filipina. Fortunately the CD was in one of those CD sampler thingy so I went skimmed through the tracks to check it out. I eventually purchased the disc and while I was ripping it in iTunes, I decided to look her up on Google and confirmed my suspicions that she was Filipino. Born in Las Vegas, NV U.S.A. and moved to Japan in 2006. Read more about her in Wikepedia.

Click on the player below to play a soundbite from ‘Could you be the one’  which also happens to be the BGM for the Ninja Gaiden PS3 TV commercial in Japan.

Drat! I can’t get my audio player plug-in to work and I’m getting sleepy, in the meantime click this instead.


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Who needs DMB?

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Digital Mobile Broadcasting (DMB) allow South Koreans to watch or listen to their favorite TV or radio shows on mobile phones, PMP’s, GPS receivers or Laptops. Unfortunately all the programs are in Korean .

For the rest of us there’s the Slingbox,  its a gadget that streams (transmits) any video source to the internet. Plug in the cable TV and internet cable at the back of the unit, run the configuration software (you only do this once) and install the Slingplayer on your PC, Laptop or mobile phone.Thats it! I personally watch TV on my UMPC with Wibro, this allows me to watch TV  vitually anywhere.

How does the Slingplayer find your Slingbox over the internet? You enter your Slingbox ID which is a unique number into the Slingplayer, then you enter the password you provided and click watch. The best thing about the Slingbox is that you have a virtual remote on your computer screen which allows you to control the remote device allowing you to change channels.

Now you can get your daily fix of your favorite Philippine TV shows for free! Well almost….

The Slingbox is available in Korea, click on this for their homepage. I’ve also seen it for sale at Bandi and Luni bookstore at the COEX. For those who have relatives in the U.S. and want to watch U.S. programs, it’s available online or at Best Buy, Circuit City and Fry’s. For more information in English visit Slingmedia.

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Seoul Photo and Imaging Show 2008

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All you shutterbugs and digital imaging enthusiasts better scoot off to the Seoul International Photo and Imaging show which is going on at the COEX. The show which kicked off Thursday (10.04.2008) ends this Sunday (13.04.2008). Admission is free to the public, at least I think it is since I just signed up by presenting my business card. I’ve also seen whole families including children getting in.

Most of the major players are represented in the show such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Sigma, Olympus etc. 

The COEX is accessible by car and there is ample parking available but can be expensive, W2,000 (US$2) for the first 30 mins. and W1,000 (US$1) every 15 mins. A cheaper alternative would be to take the Subway and get off at Samseong Station (Green Line).


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Today is my day off and I’m posting this wirelessly from a coffee shop. I could be using any of the numerous free WiFi hotspots that litter Seoul but this time I’m connected to the net by Korea Telecom’s Wibro network.

South Korea is one of the first countries to commercially launch Wibro or WiMax as it is officially called. So what the heck is Wibro anyway and why do I need it? In a nutshell Wibro is a wireless data service which allows you to connect to internet with more bandwidth than current 3G, in theory this will provide clearer voip, video streaming, surfing which I will take up in a future post.

With the help of my Korean colleague I signed up online and received my uicc or sim card in 3 days. There are various devices that are Wibro capable such as Laptops, USB Wibro modems, UMPC’s, Smartphones and PMP (Personal Media Player), my device is the Samsung Q1-Ultra , it’s basically an Ultra Micro PC that runs Windows XP. 

The install was virtually painless for me, I downloaded the KT Wibro Connection Manager for my device from the KT website and installed it, after the install I shutdown the UMPC. I then inserted the sim card into its slot on the UMPC and powered up.

Upon rebooting the KT CM (Connection Manager) started up automatically and indicated that it was connected to the Wibro Network.

Now that I was online, first order of business was to check my new connection speed by firing up the browser and going to my favorite speedtest site.

I got almost 3Mbps on the upload and 1Mbps on the download with a latency of 195 ms. Not bad at all considering most wired broadband connections in South East Asia max out at 2Mbps with the exception of Singapore and Hongkong. Comparatively you get about 300 kbps – 700 kbps on 3G, HSDPA or CDMA EVDO.

Nuff of this geeky stuff, the only reason I posted this is because a Wibro connection allows for a truly wireless broadband experience and will be the foundation of all the other cool stuff I’ll be posting later on.

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Dirty job

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Unlike the United States you can’t just chuck your food scraps into the garbage disposal or trash. Apart from European countries South Korea can be counted as one of the few countries in Asia that segregate their garbage religiously. If you live in an apartment complex there can be as many as eight bins separating glass, plastic, styrofoam, cardboard, tin and aluminum. Apart from that there are separate bins for used cooking oil, food, fluorescent tubes, bulbs and batteries. Finally there’s the dreaded food waste bin which I really hate especially during the summer when one whiff of its contents is simply revolting. Being the lazy bastard that I am, I still went on and put my food scraps into small little plastic bags ang tied them off but still mixed them with my trash. That was up until my cleaning lady told me that this was unacceptable and that I would have to seperate my food scraps from my garbage.

I’m not all that lazy, I do segregate waste such as cardboard, plastic, glass etc. Realizing that it was inevitable that I would have to throw my stuff into food waste bin, I had to find a way of making that chore more appealing.

My colleague suggested that I get a food waste drier, basically what this little gadget does is it sucks out all the moisture of whatever you put in it’s 5 liter capacity compartment by circulating hot air and spewing it out from the two filters behind which I’m guessing filters out the smell. This process takes about 12 hrs. So if you dump your scraps into it’s compartment it should be completely dry and hard as nails the next morning leaving no smell (well maybe just a tad) when you open the front door and making the chore of throwing out your scraps less gross.

My unit just got delivered today at my office and I will be putting it through its paces when I get home tonight. Inventions like these make life better for lazy bastards like me. For more information check out their webpage.




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